Is Disability the New Normal?

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Disability and work-related impairments are becoming the ‘new normal’. Workers of all types, including professionals, para-professionals, skilled and unskilled workers are likely to become disabled at some point during their career. In fact, an increasing percentage of workers are beginning their career with some degree of work-related impairment.

All of us need to become more adept at understanding, planning for, and adapting to work-related impairment issues. Whether it is training management personnel to support an emerging workforce that is increasingly impaired or helping professional workers adapt to a work-related impairment, the Institute is here to help.

The Institute for Workforce Solutions, a for-profit, limited liability partnership is dedicated to bringing state-of-the art solutions to business owners and workers dealing with significant disabilities and/or work-related impairments. The Institute hopes to fill the gap in research and training that exists between traditional centers of workforce development and research centers devoted to improving the employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities.

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