Consultation – Development of Mindful Management and Strategic Partnerships

State Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Institute works with State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services to help leverage private business investment to draw down Federal allocations to the State VR system.  The Institute also helps State VR systems develop, implement and monitor business-based, demand-side vocational rehabilitation services designed to support the mainstream workforce that is increasing work impaired and/or disabled.
Flow of Funds

Business Owners/Operators

The Institute works with business owner/operators to assess the prevalence of disability and/or work-related impairment in new hires. The Institute assists businesses apply for, receive and manage Work Opportunity Tax Credits and VR services for eligible workers.
Tax Credits

Businesses that are determined to be eligible for worker training programs and/or the more comprehensive VR-Business Partnership Project grants will be assisted in the preparation and submission of these grants.

State Office of Workforce Development

The Institute works with State Offices of Workforce Development to identify and recruit businesses likely to benefit from the Incumbent Worker Training Program. In consultation with businesses, the Institute will design and implement training programs to enhance workplace support for workers with disabilities.
Worker Training

The Institute also works with State Offices of Workforce Development to build better working partnerships with State Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Workers with Disabilities

Working with business owners, the Institute will assist workers with disabilities to advance their careers through workplace incentives. In addition, the Institute will initiate the development of business cooperatives that will allow qualified workers to become eligible for job interviews with cooperative members once the worker has satisfied certain performance and job tenure targets set by their current employer. These business cooperative networks will provide business owners ready access to qualified workers interested in advancing their careers.

The Institute will also provide direct services to professionals that self-report or otherwise become identified as being work-impaired.

Professional Associations and/or Licensing and Credentialing Boards

The Institute works with professional associations and licensing boards to help establish general awareness of, and case finding, treatment and recovery services for professionals that are work-impaired and pose a potential harm to the public due to their disabling condition.
Disability Awareness

Certified Rehabilitation Counselors

The Institute will train and mentor CRC’s interested in developing consultative services (e.g, assessment and training) to the business community.

Supported Employment Programs

The Institute will provide consultation to SEP’s that want to expand and develop their services to include the mainstream workforce. Support and guidance will be provided to help diversity funding streams and to capitalize on business community relationships and connections.
Supported Employment Workers