Professional Well-Being and Recovery Programs

The Institute provides awareness training, case finding, evaluation and monitoring services to professional associations and licensing boards that need to provide treatment and support to credentialed professionals that have either been reported or self-identified as being work-impaired.  Working with addiction specialists, mental health experts, physical therapists, body-mind clinicians and drug testing companies, the Institute offers a comprehensive, proactive, early detection, treatment and recovery approach. The services are designed to meet the needs of many more at-risk professionals than are typically identified and treated by traditional monitoring programs.

Demand-Side Workforce Training and Support Programs

The Institute provides training, consultation, technical support as well as direct service to businesses and government entities wishing to provide demand-side vocational rehabilitation services. The Institute’s signature program- the Vocational Rehabilitation-Business Partnership Model- is designed for medium to large size business owners (with 160 or  more employees) that routinely hire workers, often unknowingly, that have a high percentage of work-related impairments. Rarely if ever do these workers come from rehabilitation agencies and rarely if ever do these workers disclose or even consider themselves work impaired.

The Institute’s VR-Business Partnership Intervention Model offers business owners assistance in procuring grants and tax credits support the added training and support its workforce requires. The Institute staff provide: (1) managerial training, (2) assertive communication and problem solving skills training to all new hires, (3) executive coaching, (4) on-going job coaching and case management services to front-line staff, and (5) career development incentive programs that help establish minimum productivity and job tenure standards that are rewarded with access to future employment opportunities.